Saturday, March 24, 2012

Achieving Weight Loss For Children

The many news headlines and stories these days about child obesity make for a frightening read. Weight loss for children is definitely a sensitive subject, but it’s still an important issue to deal with since many overweight kids will grow up to become obese, overweight adults with high risk of life threatening and life limiting diseases that lead to a shorter life expectancy.

The average kid growing up in the 21st century leads a sedentary lifestyle. Besides making sensible food choices, another good step in getting your child fit is to get them away from all those computer, television, and video game screens. So what else can be done to encourage our kids to be active on a daily basis so that they can achieve weight loss?

First of all, it’s important to consider that kids have different lifestyle and dietary needs than adults. After all, kids are still developing and need a nutritious diet with a good balance of nutritional value to make sure that they grow up healthily. Considering this, it is necessary to discuss any child’s weight loss diet with a dietician or physician. There is no point in avoiding one set of illnesses if we your child’s lifestyle will only encourage another illness--in this case--the ones based on the nutritional deficiency.

While a parent can’t possibly control everything their child eats, they can at least encourage them to develop healthy eating habits by emphasizing the significance of nutrition while providing them with nutritious and tasty food at home. These may include treats such as dried fruit, low sugar granola bars, fruit salad, and trail mix so that your kids don't feel that they are missing out on foods that their parents enjoy. 

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Your doctor or dietician or can talk to you about the calories requirements of a growing child, and can also recommend activities that can help your kids to lose weight. Parents should choose exercises and activities that the entire family can do together, so that it becomes a fun activity for the sake of weight loss for children. You can make your get up and kids move by going for a daily family walk, perhaps with your family dog. Exercises should become a part of a daily routine in a home. They should be done in such a way that child enjoys it and does not see it as a task.

You can help your kids in achieving weight loss in a less painful way by helping them in making sensible food choices. Today many kids enjoy eating fast food on a regular basis, as it has become a part of their lifestyle. However, these foods are full of unnecessary calories and fat. Not only that, but kids can easily get addicted to eating highly salty, sugary and flavored foods. Because of this, they can easily reject bland vegetables or grilled chicken. Weight loss for children can be achieved if you can reduce their fast food intake to once a week, and then slowly work towards limiting such treats to once a month.   

As a parent, being overly strict with exercise or diet routines can do more harm than good. A better approach would be to introduce new ideas in a gradual way. You should also involve your kids in planning and decision making to get the desired results in a much more effective way.

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