Thursday, April 5, 2012

7 Fun Exercise Ideas For Kids

Kids are natural bundles of energy who are always ready to pop up and get moving at a moment's notice. However, these days their bikes and jum propes are contending with XBoxes, the Internet and television for attention. Sometimes kids need a bit of motivation and creativity to get them from in front of a screen and into some sort of physical activity.
As a parent, you might be frustrated with your child's lack of exercise, especially with reports of child obesity popping up in the media everyday. Luckily, a concerned parent who takes action to encourage their children to get up and play is more likely to have healthy, happy kids than someone who doesn't take any action at all. These seven exercise ideas for kids are a good starting point to get your kids up off the couch and moving around!
Taking To the Wheels
Getting on wheels is a fun and easy way to have fun while getting fit. Skates, skateboards and roller blades are fun for kids, especially when racing with friends and siblings. They can also race their friends on bicycles or go on neighborhood excursions. Smaller children can ride tricycles or bikes with training wheels around the block with their parents or up and down the driveway. You can make your kids' wheels even more fun by using bike kits, paint, stickers, and stencils to personalize them.
Team Work
Nothing beats getting together with a bunch of other kids for a game of soccer, football, basketball or any other sport. Playing on a team encourages social interaction and makes being active more engaging. If you're worried about the stress that competing would put on your kids, it helps to make sure they have a good night's sleep and a good breakfast on game day. You can also encourage your kids to be active in sports outside of a team, such as playing with kids on weekends or taking swimming classes.

High Tech Healthy
Video games definitely aren't for couch potatoes anymore. Games like Just Dance, Wii Sport and EA Sports Active get kids moving with the motivation of impressive graphics and fun music. Encourage your kids to play active games on their video game consoles, which include Wii, and XBox Kinect. Have your kids play an hour of active games for every hour of regular games they play each week.

Fun Dance Video Games For Kids
Good Health Getaways
Getting out into the great outdoors isn't just for summer camp! Take your kids out on camping trips to give them an appreciation of the great outdoors. Take them on hikes and use a guide book to identify local plants and identify animal tracks. Not only are these trips physically involving, but they will leave your kids with lots of good memories.
Hitting the Gym
Gyms for kids are popping up all over the U.S, and they can be a great way to encourage exercise ideas for kids. Kid's gyms offer classes geared toward children like gymnastics and karate, active video games like Dance Dance Revolution, indoor jungle gyms, aquatic activities, and more. Also, local community centers often offer activities and classes to get your children moving.
Winter Workouts
There are exercise ideas for kids even when it's chilly outside! Done those winter jackets, gloves and ear muffs and get your family together to build a snowman. Kids can make snow angels, and have sprints through the snow with creative, fun names like "super snow sprinting" and "Freeze dancing."
Like Parent Like Kid
Want your child to be more active? It's best to lead by example! Go out and take a walk or bike ride with your kids and talk about how the day went. Go to the pool or park on weekends and have swimming or foot races, or toss the football around in a game of pickup. Put on some fun music or a kid's aerobics DVD and spend a half hour working out or dancing around and making up fun dance moves. Your kids will appreciate the time they get to spend with you doing active, fun activities, and they're more likely to keep being physical if you make it something fun.

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